Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 239

The Colorful Dance

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 238

A easy fun filled day with church and friends. Today we headed back to Parkside where we plan to stay put for awhile. It is time I get reconnected with our church and plant myself somewhere within the children's nursery. I look forward to a fun filled fall at church.

We also caught up with the Sunderman's for lunch followed by trampoline fun at there house. After a quick stop at the Horrigan's new pad we headed home to start working on our evening routine. The kids have been staying up so late all summer I feel like we need to get started on the night time routine. Have I mentioned how excited I am to get into a good fall and school routine?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 237

We left Camp of the Woods early this AM and arrived home in time for lunch. It was such a great vacation I was a little teary to see it end. I already look forward to taking Matt back, hopefully this February for some Winter Fun and incredible worship.

We enjoyed a nice family fun afternoon with Pizza and movies in Mommies bed. It was nice to just be able to lay around and have no where to be today. We ended the day early and were all in bed and asleep by 9.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 236

Today was our final full day at Camp of the Woods. It has been incredible. We started the morning a little on the slow side and enjoyed a little breakfast in the room before we can off for Morning Chapel. I was able to attend all 5 mornings of weekday chapel and it was defiantly one of my highlights. While the children were well cared for in care I was able to spiritually connect to Jesus while giving myself a little quite time away from the children. After chapel I had a chance to run a 5K here at Camp of the Woods. While I was smoked after the run, I did complete the 3.1 miles in 29:16.

This afternoon was an easy lazy nap filled afternoon. After a quick snack we set out to gather our finished birdhouses and the CD’s that I bought from the seminars that I was unable to attend. And we even had a chance to play on the beach for a little while.

Emma really wanted to get in one more round of golf, so after dinner that is exactly what we did and even headed to the tennis courts to play with the balls for a little while. And then off to the Friday night music concert we headed. We rounded off our last rainy night at camp with ice cream with our new friends, The Smith’s.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 235

Today was another easy fun day at Camp of the Woods. We had a nice slow morning that included worship, snacks and coffee, playground, and even some painting in the Arts and Crafts. We even played on a big rock and took a few pictures there.

After lunch, Logan headed down for a nap and the baby-sitter came to the room to watch the kids so I could go zip line. This was a way cool rush and a lot of fun. I had to climb up the tree about 40 feet. I am scared of heights but it was a lot of fun and thankfully the tree was pre done with foot and hand holds. I so hope to get another chance to do something like that again.

After I relieved the baby-sitter the kids were able to get in a swim and sand play outside the cabin. I should have known something was up with Logan because when he got out of the lake he was very upset because I would not let him bath right away. Instead, I changed him into clothes and asked that he wait for Emma to get out so they could bathe together. He was okay with this but just sat on the beach watching the other kids play.

At dinner, Logan refused to eat and wanted to just cuddle with his head on my shoulder. This is so not a Logan thing to do. Just as soon as Emma said she was done with dessert Logan’s tummy gave way and emptied itself all over my shirt and shorts. It was quite the sight that I did not even know how to handle. So we quickly came back to the room so we could get changed. My thought was then to just hang out on the bed and watch Nemo for the evening but he wanted to jump on the bed and later we ended up by the lake blowing bubbles.

When it became appartant that most likely the upset tummy was caused from teething I decided to go on with our plans of Campo tonight. So after Logan went to bed the baby-sitter came and sat with Logan for an hour while Emma and I went to CAMPO (Bingo) we had a good time but Emma was anxious to get back to camp and enjoy a fire pit and play with her friends.

God continues to bless up with many many new friends and incredible ministry. Please praise God with me.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 234

Today was a very nice easy and relaxing day. We leisurely woke up this morning. Logan was in bed with me and slept until 7:15 and Emma did not get up until around 8. The kids are enjoying all the activities but I think they are extra tired.

Today after morning chapel we headed to the bookstore to buy new children’s books and they had a daily inspirational for military wife’s. After playing ball in the gym we headed up to lunch before finally making back to our cabin for “quite time”. I had Emma reading by herself for a little while but then I was chilled and kind of wanted to take a nap myself so I crawled into bed to read as well. After a few minutes the both of us put our books down and slept for nearly 2 hours. Logan slept for almost 3.

We were also able to get in a little more arts and crafts. The kids each started painting birdhouses and I was able to do my own T-shirt.

We had an incredibly relaxing evening. After dinner we walked to the marina to have our picture taken as part of the military thing and then headed to evening chapel. I cannot tell you how much the worship means to me. It was after 8:30 PM by the time I got the kids from nursery but we all wanted ice cream and just a little more fellowship with our friends. By 9:15 PM Logan was trying to get into the stroller and chanting “nite-nite” to everyone. This was my cue to get the kids in bed.

God is incredible. Camp of the Woods has been a wonderful experience. And we still have 2 full days to enjoy!!

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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Day 233

Today has been a bit of a longer day for me. Last night was so emotionally draining that when Logan woke up at 6:20 AM it was hard for me to just jump up and go. Not to mention that I still have not had enough caffeine to really get me going.
After Chapel, I thought it would be a better idea to get an easy lunch of hot dogs and chicken sandwich at the Snack Shop and get Logan down for an early nap. So after his brief 50 minute nap we woke him up so we could go catch the afternoon boat ride around Lake Pleasant. The kids did alright at first but then got a little board with just sitting there. Thankfully, I had packed cookies as a snackJ
Our next activity was decorating T-shirts. I was able to use a stencil and write camp of the woods on the children’s shirts and then they picked out a few more stencils. To through a little fun into this for me, I received a call from Matt that really helped me remember my purpose and gave me a sense of peace. Emma had a blast doing the stencils; I am thinking we may have to make another trip back to the arts and crafts hut because I kind of want a T-shirt!!
After playing in the lake and beach and a quick dinner I was excited to go listen to the speaker for the night. Who was a writer on a few of the Veggie Tales shows. Eric MeTexas is a humorous guy who wrote the book Amazing Grace.
We ended the night by making smores with our neighbor campers. Emma had a blast running around with the two boys. And I enjoyed a little adult conversation.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 232

Our Monday at Camp of the Woods was another enjoyable and peaceful day. I was able to attend worship this morning and had a chance to listen to a sermon about the truth of the bible and the “truth” in the world today. After Chapel we went and signed up for our weekly activities and baby-sitting services. Emma and I had a chance to go rock climbing as the first one today. I have a zip line activity scheduled for myself as well as a 5K run Friday morning. We are also scheduled to go on a boat ride Tuesday and Wednesday.
After rock climbing the kids enjoyed another afternoon on the beach, oh the fun!! After baths and dinner we were able to attend the parade and carnival. This was such an awesome thing. It was set up perfectly for kids of all ages. Emma and Logan jumped on the bouncies, played games, and had fun with one of the workers. At the end they were both incredibly tired.
So after quickly brushing teeth and getting into bed I was than able to enjoy the end of the beautiful sunset over the lake. This is where God stepped in a little. As I sat there praising him for all my blessings I also prayed he continue to give me the wisdom and yes patience that I so need right now. I also continued to pray for a hug. This morning during worship I realized what I really needed was a hug from someone other than children. As I stood next to my fire still a little teary eyed an older gentlemen about 75 came up and talked to me about his Army career and wanted to know about Matt. It was then that he thanked me and hugged me. I just sat back and started to cry as I really needed that hug. The man apologized and said he did not mean to upset me and I said no, you are the angel God sent down to hug me tonight as I had been praying for a hug. God is great and I am praising Him tonight.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 231

Our first full day at camp has been incredibly awesome. We were all up relatively earlier but that was fine by me. It gave me a chance to unpack a little more before we headed over to have breakfast. While the children went to Children’s church I went to worship and really enjoyed the music, fellowship, and sermon. The director called us Fort Drum Spouses out as well. All 6 us of stood up and ended up receiving a standing ovation in thanks for our support for our Soldiers. It was incredibly emotional to see so much love and support.

Today was a day and afternoon all about us with nothing but fun to be done. While Logan took a nap Emma enjoyed playing in the sand and lake. She was really enjoying herself and it only got better as the little boy who is 5 next door showed up to play with her. Logan joined us for a little while before I decided my sweet tooth needed to be satisfied, so we headed to the snack shack for ice cream cones and fried dough (elephant ears). We than came back and I joined the children in the lake. While the temp outside was probably in the low 70’s with a wind the water was surprisingly warm.

The night only continued to get better. After dinner the kids and I toured the sports complex and settled on a round of mini-golf. Emma really enjoys this. After golf I asked the kids what they would rather do, go to the park or play shuffle board and Emma choice shuffle board. Of course, this game did not last long so we still headed over to the playground before our friends joined us for smores.

God is incredible. I believe there was a plan for us to be here all along. 5 weeks ago when it was brought to my attention I believe that it was intended to just make me aware of Camp of the Woods. Last week, when my stress level hit the all time high, we were dealing with multiple fatalities and the casualties were hitting close to home I remembered the Camp of The Woods invite. When I made contact it just happened that there was a last minute cancellation for an all expense paid vacation for 7 nights to this Christian Resort. I believe God wants us to be here not just for the time we so desperately need to be together but to remind me of the mother that I want to be and to encourage me to be more patient and allow my kids to be kids. I am so relaxed and having a blast as I am watching my children laugh and enjoy the time as a little family of 3 + our Daddy DollsJ

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 230

A post fro my blackberry, gotta love it!!!

All is great here at Camp of the Woods. We arrived this afternoon around 4 and after immediately depositing all our bags on the bed the kids quickly got into suits so we could play in the sandy beach that is right out the front door, oh it is wonderful.

After dinner we unpacked a little before I dropped the kids off in care so I could go to the Musical Concert, it was beautiful and a incredible show.

So here I sit reading through the countless things available to us. By the time we got back and got the kids bathed it was 9:30 PM so I decided against a campfire tonight. Maybe tomorrow night!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 229

All packed and ready to head out to camp!!!

We are so excited to head to Camp of the Woods for 1 full week of family fun activity and praising and worshiping the man who gave it all to us. I can hardly stand the excitement of family fun on the beach,the worship, horseback riding with Emma, the worship, river rafting with a group, the worship, campfires at night to reflect and praise my studies, and did I mention the worship???

The Jeep is packed with the necessities to camp in a cabin to include beach chairs, bug spray, fans, Off Lanterns, sand toys, life jackets and swim toys, and lots and lots of snacks. We are excited to first stop at a friend's birthday party before we head on out. Please check frequently as I should be able to update often.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 228

Today was a super super busy but productive day for me. While the kids were in day care I was able to get the grocery shopping done and get in 6 of the 9 miles that I needed before I went to drop the Jeep off for a oil change and a tire repair, and was able to get in the last 3 miles.

After that I headed out to look for some books that I want to read on our much anticipated and exciting 1 week exclusive vacation to Camp of the Woods. I am so excited to get a chance to go to a place that will allow me to spend much needed quality time with my kids with no outside distractions while I will be given then chance to praise God and study his word.

After shopping I picked the kids up and we went to have their haircuts before we ended our day by sighing Emma up for Jazz class. I am now exhausted and trying to be patient as the kids get cleaned up and in bed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 227

The August Flower of the Month- The Vibrant Flamingo Lily: Anthurium

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 226

Our last day at camp ended early in the day. While we all slept relatively well we were up early again. I took advantage of the door and kept Logan in the cabin while I packed our bags and folded the blankets before we came out for breakfast. After breakfast and helping one of the ladies pack up a bit Amanda and I took all 6 kids over to the playground t0 play and wait for a final hay ride while Katie continued to take camp down and pack up. We waited and waited for the hay ride growing more and more cranky. When the tractor was 15 minutes late the other 2 ladies had already put the kids in the vehicles but Emma and I saw it coming. So while our friends chose to head out we stuck around for one last hay ride with Yogi. Logan particularly fell for Boo Boo but he comes around in the afternoons. Next up we headed to buy a Yogi Bear and a Boo Boo bear for the kids and I also picked up the movie. And then I was able to grab one quick pic on my phone of the kids in front of the sign. I was hoping to get Logan up in there but he was not tall enough and it was only me around at the time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 225

Today was our first full day at camp. We had such a great day. Unfortunately, I realized last night that I forgot my camera so I am anxiously awaiting the other girls to hopefully upload some of the fun things we did.

The first night we all slept horribly. Logan kept waking up between 12midnight and 2 AM. I offered him the normal stuff even a PBJ sandwich. He wanted out of the cabin, so I decided I would open the door and see what he wanted. He wanted in the Jeep to "Go". About broke my heart. But it was so hot and humid in the cabin I understand why he wanted to go.

We all got a early start around 6 AM or so. So after breakfast we walked up to the store to see if there were any hiking trails around. We than waited for the flag raising and hoped on the hay ride for awhile. We then decided to put on our suits and go wade in the river with the kids. It was close to 90 by 11 AM so the water was nice. After lunch we all tried to lay the kids down. None, of the kids really like this idea.

So after Logan slept for no more than 1 hour. I got my two campers into our suits to go to the pool. We were having a great time. Logan enjoyed being thrown around the pool and Emma liked just swimming around. I noticed they were making candles in the activity area so we quickly dried off and went to make some candles and then ended our little family fun with ice cream cones. While the entire camping trip was fun this brief 90 minutes with the kids was my highlight. I so wish I would have had that camera!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 224

Happy 7th Anniversary to Matt and I. It has been a fun filled incredible few years. We have moved 3 times, had 2 babies, are on our 3rd deployment and the big kicker in 2555 days we have been apart for more than 1/3 of that. (1020 days to be exact)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 223

We spent a fun filled afternoon and evening with the Horrigan's.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 222

Oh, this day was a great day in deed. I spent most of the morning and early afternoon cleaning the entire house top to bottom. So after Logan woke up from his nap we headed to the store to buy a little dessert and then to the Library to get books for our camping trip. When we got home the real fun began. We had our swim suits waiting so we quickly were able to jump right into the pool and play. It was about 88 here and the water was around 78. I was having so much fun but by 5:15 PM the kids were ready to get out and jump into the next activity. We ordered pizza and sat down to watch Ice Age. Emma really enjoyed this movie while Logan jumped all around and played. Next up, I turned off all the lights and got all the pillows and me-me's so we could attempt to watch Beethoven and fall asleep on the floor. All was alright until Logan grew board with this and I was falling asleep and it was only 8 PM. So we decided to just call it a night and all went to bed. I have not had such a great day in awhile and it felt so good to have devoted the entire afternoon and evening just to me and the kids:)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 221

This day was so busy I hardly remember it. Early that morning I had the pleasure of watching a Soldier reunite with his children. I kept the Sunderman kids for 3 nights in preparation for Daddy's arrival.
So after we cleaned up a bit the kids were rushed off to day care so I could enjoy a few hours to myself before a afternoon meeting. I was then able to do my favorite stress relieving activity, running. Oh, it was only 3 miles on the treadmill but soooo enjoyable.
The kids and I made it a early evening and I enjoyed getting into bed early and reading before I somehow relaxed enough to fall asleep. While the time is going by fast December will not get here soon enough.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 220

Painting with Pudding was the main event for today and the kids had a blast. After Katie and the kids joined us we headed out to play in the sprinkler and then let the kids have at it with pudding. It was a blast. Then they ran through the sprinkler, played on the swing set, and got a ton of sand in their pants.

Day 3 and Night 3 almost over. While I did in fact enjoy the time and it was not as hard as I thought it would be I am excited for them to go see their Daddy!! The kids and I will continue to be super busy but the days are flying by and I will continue to pray they go by faster!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 219

Day 2 with the Sunderman and Thom kids threw me a couple curve balls but we got through it and the kids are doing great.

All in all the day was fine. After we made pizza and cleaned that up we headed to a FRG meeting with the help of a baby-sitter. After getting home and into jammies I made up a big thing of popcorn and let the kids start watching a movie. Emma was having a hard time earlier today so she only got to have the snack and then had to go to bed. Logan, of course, was exhausted and went with Emma. Brody was a little too loud and followed shortly after those two. And now, the 2 older ones are finishing the movie before I put them down for the night too.

On a side note. Daddy Sunderman did make it home tonight and will be reunited with his kids on Thursday. I will really be ready for my break Thursday afternoon was another meeting and then I get to go out with the girls Friday, ahhhh:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 218

No pictures or video again, I am sorry.

Today has been a good day. I set out first thing to finish the final sale of the Honda. And then headed to Kresta's to pick up her kids and head home for 48 hours while she goes to pick up their Daddy and spend a couple much needed nights by themselves. Unfortunately, their Daddy's plane is still having problems and will be delayed another 24 hours. So Kresta headed back out here for a little while until I encouraged her to head back home by herself and just leave the kids here for 3 nights. No reason to move all the bags and blankets back home just to bring them all back again tomorrow.

So today went all right for the most part. The kids all played well, ate well, and we even got all the baths done tonight. I thought it would be fun to let Emma and Ashley sleep in the same room and the 3 boys share a room. My thought was the boys would give me a problem but not at all, they went right to bed. It was the girls that stayed up a little too late and ended up needing to be separated. So it is 10:30 and I still here little footsteps somewhere up stairs. My only problem now is, I really want to go to bed but I don't want a little 4 year old in there with me.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 217

Exhaustion is the only word I can think of to explain day 217. Day 216 was emotionally draining so when we woke up on this morning I envisioned church, lunch, and a trip to Walmart before heading home to bbq chicken and enjoy our little family. But that changed around 9 AM when I got another phone call to say we lost another Soldier and I needed to make more phone calls. So I spent the next 2 hours making phone calls while my children snacked on random convenience foods and watched TV. I felt horrible, not to mention that I now needed to attend a support meeting to show my support for our unit. At the end of the day my good friend Kresta took care of us. Not only did she take care of the kids so I could attend the meeting but we made breakfast for dinner when I got back and enjoyed her company as we watched the kids pig out on bacon, cheese eggs, and pancakes.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 216

Call it coincidence, intuition, or true love. I will call it the bond between a husband and wife that is unbreakable and even the thousands of miles that separate us right now he knew to call. What he did not know was through my tears; I was putting on his big 10th Mountain Division fleece, had just logged onto AKO in hopes he was online, and was scoring his face book page just to feel a little closer to him. At that moment the phone rang and I saw the 3 numbers that made my heart skip a beat as I knew I could relax and let myself cry as I heard his voice.

Today was another one of those days that I dread. Another one of those days that force me to snap out of denial and accept the truth. A day that I want to be over so I can go back into believing that everything is okay and my Soldier is just "at work".

Please pray for our Soldiers and for us, the families. Thank you

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 215

Oh, the beauty of the North Country. Today Katie (who had the Sunderman kids) and I met up at the park for some playtime and a picnic. We then took the kids to this little hill where they ran ran and ran some more. The kids were running a obstacle course which was around the two trees. Emma and Ashley both completed this and the other 4 (minus the 14 month old) just ran down and then back up the hill. It was relaxing to sit overlooking the trees and beauty that was given to us by God!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 214

Today was a hard day for Logan. Logan is teething his 2nd 2 year molar and seems to be in a bit of pain at certain points of the day. There is also only one person who he really wants, and that is not me!! So, Emma and I thought it would be good to bring down the Daddy Dolls. Logan instantly smiled big and said "Daddy". So here is a cute little video showing true sibling love.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 213

I am incredibly tired to night. This morning I set out to run a nice slow 8 mile run and was having such a great time I took it up a notch and ran 8.5 miles. I am so in love with running and the way it makes me feel. I love to get out side and turn on my music and just mediate within all my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. So after my run I cleaned up a bit and went into the commissary for my big 2 weeks shopping spree. The 60 minutes I spent in the store took it all out of me. I had intended on going home and mowing the lawn but I had no energy. So I quickly went and go the kids from day care and on home to unload the groceries and take a quick shower before we headed into town to have dinner with a good friend.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 212

Today we went on a play date with one of Emma's friends from Pre-School. We had a really good time having a picnic, playing in the park, and then we even went on a bike ride. It was super fun to see the kids playing so well and had a chance to chat with Kate. We already look forward to our next play date.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 211

Today was a great incredibly productive day. Despite being up super late working on FRG stuff I got up super early to get in a run and my stomach abs before the kids got up. After breakfast I had to scrub out the fridge. If there is one thing that makes my skin crawl it is spills in the fridge. After that the kids helped me clean the bathrooms. Emma enjoyed wiping down the toilet, door, walls, just about anything really. It will not be long and she will have a normal daily chore that I will not have to do!! After all the work we did we invited our friends over for a swim and a cook out. The summer is sure flying by with the 3-4 times a week dinners:)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 210

The Sundeman's and the Thom's took on the Mall!!
This morning we decided we would head into Watertown and attend church with our good friends. After church and filling our bellies at Panera we set off for a shopping spree to get Miss Kresta ready for her hubby to return for R & R. We went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Old Navy, The Mall, and then Target. Our kids were AMAZING!!! Not only were they incredibly good but they really did not wine, moan, or complain at all. Of course, they were rewarding with there own bags of popcorn at Target and then they were allowed to pick out candy on the way out. The picture is after both little one's fell fast asleep and the older one's were being super silly!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 209

July is Over!!! The months are flying by and we are counting on the next 5ish months to go by as fast. We enjoyed the fact that Daddy was home for the first half of July. We had such a great time and a day does not go by that Emma does not remind me about the movies with Daddy or camping with Daddy. And I have enough special memories to carry me through the next 5ish months!!! God has sure been incredible to us and a day does not go by that I do not praise him for our family, friends, and the many many blessing that have come our way. Join me Please!!