Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Living in Our Camper

Soooo, the big move is about to happen. Long story short, Matt has turned me into a camping fool. After camping every other weekend from March 2011 until July 2011 when we purchased our 33 foot 2011 Gulf Stream Track and Field Toy Hauler. And from August 2011 until February 2012 we have continued to camp every other weekend. This last October we began discussing and considering living in our camper once we received Army orders for the Summer ILE course in August. Well, we received orders... and our move in to our camper date is March 13th.

Camper Camping

Our Camper!!! While this picture is a little cluttered this is our home. It is all ours and I LOVE it!!!

The kids have been sleeping on the queen size electronic bunk beds. Well, we will be removing the top bunk mattress and putting the top bunk all the way to the ceiling and replacing the mattress on the lower bunk with our queen size mattress ( for adding comfort) and having the children share the bed and raising the lower bunk half way up the wall. By doing this, we will create space below the bunk for a portable cabinet, storage for bins, plastic drawers for clothes, and a rolling cart to be moved into kitchen for counter space.

For the cabinets, Matt has added shelves for additional food storage and I will use the collapsible bins for additional storage for food, toiletries, and toys.

There is also a portable table that folds out to use as a dining table. We will be using folding tables for breakfast and will eat outside under awning on picnic table whenever possible.

The camper kitchen is equipped with a 3 burner stove and oven. As well as a little cabinet space, microwave and small fridge. My Mountain Man, has helped pick out wire shelves and re-purposed shoe shelving to go under the stove for additional pots and pans space. I will; of course, be using More collapsible bins for the tops the cabinets to store whatever needs to be stowed. We will be bringing our deep freezer filled with Venison  (What camper doesn't have Deer Meat!!) as well as a beverage fridge. 

The back room of the Camper has a full size bed ( we will be using Emma's mattress) and also has the bathroom with a shower, toilet, and vanity. The next storage assignment is to create easy storage for Matt's clothes and my own. The bed lifts to reveal a large area we can put totes or drawers. (The possibilities are endless!!!)

Add here is a picture of our 6 X 10 trailer which while be converted into our laundry room, and wardrobe boxes storage.