Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 116

I had a incredible time tonight at the 3rd Brigade Volunteer Appreciation Party. The night started sharing a quick glass of wine at Matt's old Commander's house with his wife and fellow "battle buddies". They are an incredibly funny bunch of gals that I am missing. But luckily, with the change of command a couple of weeks ago we did not go far. So they are stuck with me:)

We then high tailed it over to the Party. I went and bought a new dress and cool wedge sandals that I was sportin. I was totally over dressed but I enjoyed being dressed up and pretty much hit the dance floor right away. I did first get a chance to meet some of the girls in the new company that Matt is getting ready to take over. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many incredibly strong, independent, and wonderful ladies. So we all danced and danced and then we danced some more. Unfortunately for me I turned into a pumpkin at 8:20. The party planners also got us free child care but it ended at 8:30 so a group of us had to head out a little early. Oh what a night. (Pic to come soon)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 115

Today was just kind of a blah day. I am not really sure why it just was. The day started blah when the alarm went off and changed briefly when I noticed Matt was online again. As normal Logan and I got stuff done around the house and planned our outing to the zoo while Emma was at school. We headed out for the zoo right away despite by anxiety's and the fact that Logan was going to miss his nap. Sure enough upon our arrival he started to melt. Oh, the boy was horrible. He so wanted to take his sandwich to the playground and then when he dropped that he wanted to take his juice cup. Finally I was able to put him in the back pack where he stayed for about 45 minutes. All in all we had a good time. Emma really enjoyed playing with the other children from the Mom's Club and after we walked around the zoo a bit Logan enjoyed the sandbox before he quickly lost interest and wanted to run up and down the stairs. I so knew it was going to be a long day.

After the Zoo, the plan was to head to the kid's salon but they are closed on Wednesdays and I did not remember this so we headed to McDonald's. I absolutely love the McCafe menu at Mickey D's. Large Fat Free Latte with Sugar Free Vanilla---hmmmm. So while I enjoyed my coffee the kids enjoyed cookies. BIG MISTAKE, not the coffee part but the cookies. I tried to lay Logan down for a nap around 1 but it was too much. He was on a sugar high. I really did not think he would be so bad. So I let the kids get up thinking we could just hang out while we relaxed and watched TV. NOOOOOO, Logan had other plans. Like screaming nonstop for nearly 2 hours. After a early dinner, the kids took early baths, and ended up end bed by 7.

I am beat tonight. I expelled way to much negative energy this morning while I was cleaning and then more negative energy this afternoon while I tried to figure out how to make my sleep deprived son happy. It is only 8:30 right now and I think my bed is calling my name. It will be a 0430 stress relieving/sweat session with P90X in the morning.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 114

Tuesdays are always crazy busy and a little emotional on me. This morning Logan and I dusted and cleaned before Emma came home from school. The kids went right to day care so I could have a couple of hours to myself. I really enjoyed some "retail therapy" at Target. I got me a new dress for the upcoming 3rd Brigade Volunteer Appreciation Party this week. I picked the kids up and we stuck around for a open house in honor of "Military Child Month" at day care. They had the kids paint frames and took family pictures of us so we can send them to Daddy. And then we topped the night off with a friend at Subway.
Tonight I am exhausted but determined to see all the positive things that happened today. Emma had the biggest smile on her face when I said I was going to stay at day care and play for a little while. While we sat there I told her about the new jammies and new music CD I bought for her and she said. Oh, Thank you mama with a big hug. Tonight after I read to Logan his favorite story and stood up to put him in bed he rested his head on my shoulder and hugged me. This morning I woke to find Matt online and was able to "chat" with him for nearly 45 minutes before I said I better hit the treadmill. There are so many positive things I tend to "overlook" when I allow the negative to control my mood. God is Good and I will continue to look to him for my strength, he is my Lord and Savior.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 113

Logan last night while we were celebrating Kresta's bday with cupcakes:) He was a little aggitated that I was trying to get him to smile while he was so ready to enjoy his dessert!!
WOW!! It is 9 PM and 79 degrees in the house, it is freakin warm in here. We had a scorcher today, 89 was the high I saw on our thermometer. Let me tell ya- it felt good. We had a friend over and spent the afternoon outside playing. After awhile we came in to get stuff ready for dinner and then we ate out in the gazebo. It felt so good to take the cover off the bar table and turn on all the lights. I so wish the pool was open so we could have watched the sparkly water. It was another ahhh moment from God. We were blessed with a good friend and her son for another night with friends. Emma had a blast, Logan really mastered the climbing up and down the ladder on the play scape, and I never thought this would happen-- I sat back in a lawn chair with a smile as I watched the kids happily play and chatted with my friend. God is Good:)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 112

We had a incredibly awesome day today. It was a leisurely morning and then we went off to a new church we have attended just once before. We had a blast. I am really enjoying this pastor. He totally grabbed my attention and holds it. Both times we have attended I have checked my watch at the end of the sermon and realize he had just talked for 60 minutes, I love it!! I am even planning on starting a bible study that the congregation is starting. 40 days of Love is just what I need. To really learn more about myself and the friendships I so desire. One thought that I have pondered on today is "It is easier to act you way into feeling than to feel you way into an action!!"

Once we got home we even got to web cam with Daddy. The kids got super silly as Daddy watched them eat a late lunch. And then I even got a few minutes to chat with Matt while the kids jumped around with excitement from their chat. Doing the web cam at home is so beneficial to us. The kids really enjoy being able to jump in and be silly and then run away. Today we talked a little about Daddy coming home for a few weeks and being with us. Emma asked Matt if he would have to go back. I really don't know where that came from but he said yes I will but I will be home again for good soon after. She seemed to accept this and then we got on to talking about going camping and a date to the movies with Daddy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 111

Today was a great but exhausting day. I started the day by getting the neighbor boy to come watch the kids so I could head out for a long 6.5 mile run. One wrong turn and it ended up being a 8 mile run/walk. Which end the end was good because it gave me a time idea for 8 miles but it was not as fast as I wanted and I hit bottom around mile 4 and could no longer run without longer walk breaks.

After we took naps we took Logan to day care and Headed to one of Emma's school mates and fellow mom's club friends Dancing birthday Party. The above pic is a group photo at the end of the party.

Emma wearing the sombre for a Dance. Can you remember the costume from ballet 2 years ago? Really needs to be recycled to a little girl that would better fit the bottom portion:)

Too cool in glasses and her dancing costume!!

After the party we made a bee line to a new friend's house from church. Jenn and I have talked about getting together for awhile now. We go to the same church and our hubbies are both deployed. She cooked us up a delicious meal and then we headed to the park to wear the kids out even more. We topped it off with some of her yummy banana bread:)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 110

Another wonderfully blessed day that God gave us here!! We think Spring if FINALLY here in Northern New York. After we all took naps (yes 2 days in a row I got a nap) we headed out back to play and then decided it would be fun to take the "bikes" over to the park and ride and then play. The kids had fun playing with their bikes before we played for awhile and then collected flowers on the grassy hill. The afternoon was finished with strawberry Popsicles before Bath, Pizza, and a Baby-sitter.

After I get the kids set up and the baby-sitter arrived I headed out to a coffee group with some of my Army Pals. It was so much fun. I will only be with this group of women for a short time but they are a kick in the pants. It was a good night full of laughs:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 109

The above videos are from a couple of weeks ago. After we made bird house's at Lowe's we set it up for the kids to paint. Emma is very detailed while Logan really just enjoyed playing with the paint and making a mess:)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 108

This afternoon after nap time and after I finally got a shower the kids and I had some fun together. We started out by making homemade play dough. Emma loves this stuff and will play for hours. Logan liked it but did not like the fact that I would not let him stand on the kitchen chair and parked him in the high chair.
We then headed to the basement for some games. We started with EleFun. Logan thought this was a hoot but he wanted to play with the trunk and that would upset the flow of butterflies. At one point he gave up and started crawling around singing "ean up ean up" (Clean Up) Our next game was Candy Land and we always have fun with that. The final and shortest game was Don't Spill the Beans. Emma and I were having a good time until Logan came over to spill the beans.

God is good and will provide. I am praising him tonight for the wonderful day we had and for all the blessing all my extended family and friends are surrounded with. I am surrounded by some incredible people in my life and I am just so happy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 107

God is Amazing. Throughout this deployment I have had quite a few rough times and quite a few days that I just wanted to end. I try to stay very positive and as of late it seems to really be to my advantage. I will take the positive out of every situation that I face. I will encourage myself to stay strong within myself and my beliefs and just do what needs to be done with a smile on my face.
Today was a day that started great and ended even better. From the time the alarm went of at 5:30 I had so much energy and excitement about my life and my multiple blessings . As I was getting ready to leave for the day I was also chatting with Matt via Yahoo when the doorbell rang. I was so excited to see that long green box. While I was at Walmart I also received a call from the Lemon Law People offering us a cash settlement from the Jeep manufacturer. Finally all the stress, inconvenience, and trouble the Jeep has caused us we will get a monetary pay back. (I think Carnival Cruises are calling our name!!) And to top the night off I attended a Volunteer Ceremony and had a blast. I really did not know what to except as I went into it but it was incredible. I knew I had long in just a few volunteer hours this last year but I did not realize it was over 500!! Which qualified me for the Gold Award and a Gold Award Reception prior to the ceremony. I really enjoyed eating and having a glass of champagne with my fellow Army friends.
God is amazing and I am so thankful for his blessings. Each day he continues to amaze me. Some days he gives me trials to overcome but I believe those trials are meant to make me a better person and to teach me a little more about what I can in fact handle.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 106

We had a good easy lazy day around here. This evening for dinner I thought we would make one of our favorite dinners that we eat when Daddy is home. Daddy likes to cook some chicken and simply throw it into a zip lock with croutons, Parmesan, and Caesar dressing for a easy dinner. So I let the kids fill there bags with salad fixins and then shake it up AND they ate it all. Emma was so excited to each salad, this may end up being a once a week deal.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 105

It was a incredibly awesome and beautiful day here. After a early bedtime last night I popped up at 6 for a quick run before we all got ready for church. We were even 20 minutes ahead of schedule while was great because Daddy was online for a few minutes.

After church and nap time the kids helped me in the yard. I finally got the pine cones racked, the misc. branches picked up, and the mole vibrating noise thing put together and in the ground. Then it was play time. We played with the bubbles and the outside toys before I took the umbrella off the sand box. While Logan really did not show much interest (the broom was out which means cleaning needs to be done to him) Emma enjoyed herself. Sorry the wind is really loud.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 104

Today was a day for Emma. She was invited to a dress up Hannah Montana Birthday party for a school mate and a child from the Moms Club. I did not remind Emma about this until this morning so she was super excited to help me wrap the present and get it all ready. And then the best part was bringing down the Hannah Montana Costume I had picked up for her. She was so stoked to put on make-up and head out the door minus Logan.

The above clip is of the kids dancing to Hannah Montana. Check out her dance moves:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 103

Tonight was a incredible night. Tonight was a night that I could not help but to sit back and Praise God for all he has given me. Tonight was a night that I truly enjoyed myself and learned a little along the way.

I was faced with a situation at the start of my night out with a good friend that deeply saddened me not for the cause of the situation but for how it was handled and the bitterness that came along with it. As I stood contemplating how to best handle all aspects of the situation I could not think any further than prayer. So I prayed for all those involved. I prayed for the bitterness being held and I prayed that God would grant me the grace I needed to find a solution to the night. I had this huge feeling of ease come over me. I also praised God for everything he has given me. I am one lucky lady and I am not going to allow negativity to bring me down. I know God was there and he is working very mysteriously through me. I smiled and enjoyed myself. And then my good friend and I went out to celebrate her birthday. A little dancing and laughter was the cure for the night.

Lead me, O Lord, in Your righteousness because of my enemies; make Your way level (straight and right) before my face.Psalm 5: 8

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 102

Today we took Gramie back to the airport:( It was a great 2 weeks. We got many projects done. Like organizing the basement, taking clothes to donate, shopping for myself, getting rid of the binky, and a lot of time to myself. It was a great 2 weeks. We miss you already Gramie.

After we left the airport I finally made it to Fleet Feet and got a new pair of Mizuno's. The one's I have been running with are well past the 500 mile marker. (they are probably at least 1300 or so, 3 years old.) And we made it to Toys R Us to buy new outside toys. We are super excited for the warm weather.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 101

Spring may have finally really arrived up here in the North Country. The kids and I headed outside in the sunny 58 degrees this afternoon to quickly realize with the wind blowing we were very cold. So we headed inside to paint out new bird houses the kids (and Gramie) made this last Saturday at Lowe's. Logan really enjoyed painting and taste testing the non toxic crayola paints. Emma did a great job alternating colors:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 100

100 days!! Crazy stuff there.

Today was a gorgeous day. It was about 61 today. Is Spring Finally here??

Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 99

Today Emma and Gramie had a chance to do a little gardening. Emma learned about Snapdragons last year and received a packet full of seeds from a good friend of Lori's. So Emma and Gramie picked out a container and watering can so she could plant her Snap Dragons and learn how to keep a little flower garden. She also planted Mommy's Tulip, Pansy's and Impatients.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 98

Happy Easter!! We had a GREAT day. We woke up very early, Thanks to Logan. (He is still having a hard time in the early morning without the binky) and started our Egg Hunt. Emma thought it was pretty cool to find eggs with money and candy in them. As soon as Logan realized there was candy AND Mommy was letting him eat it the egg hunt was about over.
We headed to church and them came home for a leisurely afternoon. We finished it off by watched the Beverly Hills Chihuahua. A totally cute family fun movie.
Enjoy the pics above. I could not get Logan to smile for the camera and Emma really did not feel like it either. Unfortunately, Logan feel asleep on the way home from church and we did not get pictures.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 97

Today was a nice day. The kids surprised me with a nice frame (with help from Gramie) for my 29th Birthday. After a leisurely morning we headed to Lowe's for craft morning and then the kids went to Day care for a few hours while Lori and I enjoyed some shopping for Easter Sunday clothes and lunch.

This evening the kids sang Happy Birthday to me. This year as my treat I choose Carmel pudding cups. Yumm-O!! I even got 2 calls from Matt today. With the slow start to the morning, a chat with my husband and the kids it was a great Birthday:)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 96

We had a nice day today. We finally got into town and did a few errands before we headed home to paint the Easter Eggs. Emma had such a blast dipping the eggs in the dye and then putting stickers on them later. Logan equally enjoyed dropping the eggs in and playing in the liquid that would splash out.
Today was also Gramies Birthday so we tried to make it extra special. Emma even let her sleep in this AM. We even stopped and got some small cakes so we all could sing Happy Birthday to Gramie. It was another great day!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 95

The binky is GONE!!!!

I am so excited to say I am done with that annoying thing that was constantly hanging out of my sons mouth. This past Sunday we headed to Target with Gramie and the kids. Once inside Target Logan made it clear he was upset and wanted his security items. I was so frustrated as wel quickly checked out and left I decided we need to be done with that little silly thing. So on Monday we took it away during the day but gave it to him during his nap and bed. On Tuesday we took it away except for bed. And Wednesday we took it away at night. He did pretty well. he woke up at 3 or so and I let him cry it out. He then woke up at 6 but went back down after a little cuddling. Tonight he pitched a bit of fight but finally gave in.

Yahh!! for us:)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 94

Today was a good day here. Gramie was the "pretend baby-sitter" again while I went to lunch with a few FRG ladies. I am excited to say I will be active in Matt's new company but will not be the FRG Leader. The current Leader and I will be Co-Leading together. I am super stoked about this. She is a very funny, warm, motivated, and energetic Army Wife.

Tonight was also my last FRG meeting with the Apache's. It was nice. They bought me a beautiful tulip plant and gave me a certificate of appreciation. After 18 months it is nice to feel so loved and appreciated by this group of women.

Logan is doing well. Tonight is the big night with no binky. It took him 20 minutes or so to calm down after I put him to bed but he went right down after a little bit of cuddling. I am hoping he will sleep through the night and not give me a problem.

Emma is very excited to have Gramie come to school tomorrow. After that Spring Break starts and she is off for like 10 school days.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 93

The highlight to today was taking Emma on A Pizza Hut tour with the Mom's Club. Emma had such a great time. She has really needed to get together with other kids and she soo enjoyed it. We were able to go back in the kitchen and get an actual tour and then the kids got to pick their toppings for the pizza's. Our olive queen picked black olives and cheese!! She really enjoyed her snack with the kids from the Mom's Club.
We are so super proud of Logan. Today is Day 2 of the Pacific weaning period. Yesterday he only had it during sleep time and he did good. Today we took it away during the nap. It took about 10 minutes for him to relax but there was no major fit. Tomorrow will be the big day. We may make a big deal out of throwing them all away.
Well, right when we thought winter was over a Winter Storm Lake Effect Snow watch came down. BLAHHHHH!! Looks like we are expecting about 10 inches tonight. BLAHHHHHH!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 92

The kids had a good day with Gramie today. I ended up with a couple of meetings and Gramie was the "pretend" baby-sitter. After I got home Emma was ready to sing and dance a little and sang the Green Apples Song to me. The other clip is of Logan cleaning the kitchen floor.

All is well around here. We are expecting another big snow storm. Looks like possible accumulation of about 1 foot. Thank goodness I held off on putting the snow stuff away, looks like the snow thrower will get a least one more use this year.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 91

WOW!! We are tired today. Last night was a super late night. When we got back we found out the kids had been up way tooo late. Logan was up until 10:15 PM and Emma 11:30 PM. We had no idea what we were in for but the kids slept until about 8:30 which was super nice for us. We took it very easy all day. Logan and I even got in a nap. After we got up and around we ventured out for a little while. Until Logan was melting beyond control at Target. The poor kid had huge bags under his eyes. Emma; however, was a great little princess. So we bee lined it out of there and hurried home for Subway and a early bedtime. And a treat for the little princess:)

The pic above is from yesterday. I pulled the Easter box out to discover all the Easter baskets. How many baskets do the Thom kids need?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 90

We had a good Saturday. We attended a Easter party for 3rd Brigade on Post and the kids so enjoyed this. They had 4 or 5 bouncy activities set up for the kids and a little snack foods as well. Unfortunately, it was SNOWING so we were not able to do a Easter Egg hunt but the kids enjoyed the treats they received.
After the Party we headed home to get ready for a night on the town with a few of my friends. We started at my favorite restaurant, The Texas Roadhouse. We ate too much and I enjoyed a few Margaritas:) After that we headed to the Martini club and enjoyed many laughs. I have some great friends here!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 89

Today was a easy day. Gramie went off to school with Emma while Logan and I stayed home. I managed to leave all the dishes in the sink all afternoon. Gramie and I even watched a movie this afternoon while both kids napped. It was great.

Tonight I got out of the house for a few hours and did not have to worry about paying a baby-sitter. It was great!! Sorry no pics today.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 88

Today was a day that had been much anticipated for a few months. It was a day of a few firsts as well. This morning for the first time EVER I sat on the couch for nearly 2 hours chatting and watching Ellen on TV. I left the dishes in the sink, a request from Matt untouched, laundry to be done as well as chores. It was very difficult to just leave all this and enjoy the moment but I did and I enjoyed it. I am not sure if I could leave all those tasks untouched everyday but baby-steps is what I will take.

The day was nice. After a nice trip to the commissary we took the kids out back to play in the 61 sunny degrees that is was. After baths, dinner, and a Daddy DVD the kids are in bed and we are ready to watch the Final ER.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 87

Today Gramie arrived for a glorious 16 days!! The kids welcomed her with big arms and we headed to dinner at the Olive Garden. Emma remembered how to put Olives on her fingers and in turn Logan realized this and got a kick out of that. Soon after the olive fingers Logan asked for a fork. Thinking he would use it for his salad we looked over to see his bread stick stuck to the fork!! We enjoyed some good food and got the laughs started:)