Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Logan Daniel

Logan cracks me up. He does the silliest cutiest smartest little things. One thing that gets me over and over again is the way he gets down the 2 little stairs next to the main stair case. He slides down on his belly landing on his head. He has a problem figuring out how to tuck his head when he tries to slide down head first on his belly. The big problem about sliding head first down the 2 little stairs is he thinks he can do it down the main staircase and he is not afraid to try.

Logan seems to notice everything we do. Last week I had opened a package and as I was getting the contents ready for recycling I handed him some paper to play with. He went right to the garbage and threw it away. He saw me putting the other papers in the other garbage can and was helping. The only problem was after he put it in the messy garbage he than took the soaked with coffee grounds paper out of the garbage.

Another little thing that he figured out is how to open the draw beneth the TV. One of the drawers has always been stuck and you have to open the one in order to get the other. Well, Logan figured that out and now likes to open the hard one to get to Daddy's cool XBOX stuff.

Logan keeps me on my toes. He loves to laugh and joke. He cracks himself up while playing by himself. He LOVES attention and will do anything to get it. Like finding any loud toy and dragging it across the ceramic tiles. We have realized he does not like the word NO and is having a hard time accepting it. BUT he does love to pull have and push his sister (yes already).

Monday, September 29, 2008

Emma Ann

It is crazy to think how big my little girl has gotten. Matt and I went to Emma's Open house at the school. It did not seem real that we were already walking down the halls of a elementary school. It was nice to see Emma's little classroom, it is all decked out with leaf man pictures, paintings, and LOTS of fun things to do.

Emma really does not talk a lot about school. Sometimes she will tell me about another kid at school or what she had for snack but never what she actually did. I am going to try to volunteer every couple of weeks and get an idea what Emma is up to. These kids are learning poems, songs, and have little jobs. Emma never talks about this stuff????

I did ask the teacher about Emma's behavior. It has been pretty bad at home but also typical for a 4 year old. I told the teacher Emma never talks about what she did at school. The teacher said to ask "who her friends are and what they are wearing". What they are wearing??? WOW!! She is only 4 and already paying attention to clothes, let hope I just read into that a little too much.

Anyhoo- Emma is doing great in Pre-K. I do believe she enjoys school, most definately getting on the bus everyday.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New to this blog thing

Blogging??? I have read so many and read all about it but never tried it so here goes. I was thinking that this would be another great way for my hubby and family back home to keep up with us. We have our baby-site but as many know the updates are not always up-to date. Maybe this will motivate me to take more pictures and blog more.

As my script says I am a Army Wife and Mom of Tots. Matt and I have been married for over 5 years. We have enjoyed many great times to include the arrivals of our 2 babies. Emma is 4 and a pre-schooler. And Logan is 11 months and a walkin stumblin joker. I also stay very very busy with the FRG. I am the FRG Leader for my husbands company. I really do enjoy this; however, you will all be notified when the count down starts for his change of command.