Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Camp Fire and Bed

We are almost set up around the campsite. I am continuing to make changes to help with organization and the flow of the mornings. I am already really enjoying how simple and easy this should be. The kids are having a blast playing outside and we have enjoyed nightly bike rides through the campground. Matt, however; is exhausted. He has spent each day and evening at the house trying to organize and pack misc. things and then driving to the storage unit and playing tetris with out belongs in the units.

Next week, I will take pictures of some of the cool things we have done around the camper to make this all work. 
Matt and Logan Friday Night at the Campfire. Logan was wearing rain boots in the grass and then he got cold so he came to the fire with his robe and then decided he needed sunglasses because it was too bright!!

Emma and Logan playing "camping" in the empty site next door

Logan and Emma hanging out in their bunk. I created a separator by taking a room darkening curtain and velcrowed it to the ceiling. And the kids each have their color sheets to lay on. We also hung curtains to separate their space from the living area in the evening. (and to hide any mess below) The children each have a night lite and a fan to help with white noise. Still a work in progress though.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Moving Day

The day finally came that we moved into the camper. Of course, the morning off it was POURING down rain. But by the time we loaded every last thing the rain had stopped enough for us to move out.

Once we arrived at the campground and Matt hooked us all up and leveled everything out I began to unload to back so I could get to work on the inside. I was very excited to get started on the storgage/play area of the trailer. This is definately a work in progress. I will post better pictures next week. On the left side is a cupboard that I am using for more totes of canned food and misc. things. Logan is digging the cars mat to play with and Emma likes having a little desk area with her lamp.

After picking Emma up from school and doing more around the house we headed to the campground for our first meal as a family.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Still Packing the House

We are still busy packing the house and about to start filing the storage unit. As I have spent the last few weeks packing the items we don't even touch it has made me really start to think about the items we really should sell!! As the last week has ended I will say I have opened 2 boxes to get out shoes and a sweater I did not mean to pack. I wonder how often that will happen?

I thought I would post a few of my favorite pictures from our camping trips in 2011.

Logan got so much comfortable watching Cars 2 by the fire he feel fast asleep.

Daddy and Logan playing Lego's on the camper floor.

Logan and Emma playing Cars on the carpet outside the camper

This was back at Thanksgiving and I was making the mashed potatoes.