Friday, October 31, 2008


Bugaboo Photography Photos

We had a super super busy day today. We had our second photo shoot with Bugaboo photo's. This time we got some good one's inside and than got the kids in there snow suits and headed out back. I am confident we got some good one's!!

This evening we started trick or treating with the neighbors. They so spoil the kids. We than headed onto Fort Drum at one of the new housing areas and totally scored. We spent about 45 minutes walking around and chasing Logan. Trick or Treating is exhausting!! We ended the night at some friends house. We had not seen our good friends in awhile. Logan shares his birthday with little Evie and Emma is just a year older than Calvin. We stuck around for few but headed out to get the kids home in bed by 9!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Logan's 1st Birthday and Snow Pics

Emma and Logan had a blast in the snow!! Logan really wanted to run and play but could not figure out how to walk in 12 inches of snow. Emma made snow angels and enjoyed being pulled around by Daddy. Daddy also enjoyed 2 plus hours of snow throwing, shoveling, and clearing the vehicles.

Logan enjoyed sitting on his big Birthday gift as he opened it. The toy made noise and he could not figure out how to get it open. Unfortunately, this is also about the time he lost his balance and landed against my brand new pink Sony Camera so we had to switch to the old Fuiji.
Logan enjoye Pizza Hut's Chocolate dunkers for his birthday treat. He will be having cake at his little party this Sunday.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a Day

Today's has been a LONG day. My back pain continued yesterday and through out the night. I was feeling okay this morning but still the pain was dull. When I tried to pick Logan up I felt the shooting radiating pain run up the right side of my back and I could not move. Thankfully, Matt was home and was able to get Logan set up with Breakfast. After making a call to my doctor I decided to head to the ER in hope of some magic pills and some answers. (This has happened before) After waiting almost 5 hours the doctor prescribed ALEVE and recommended that I go to my doctor and ask for a MRI. It looks like I pulled a muscle but without a MRI we cannot rule our a slipped dish, ughhhh!!! Of course, my doc cannot see me until next Wednesday. Thank God Matt is home so I can totally take it easy and not lift Logan.

After debating it and popping my Motrin I decided I would go with the family to the Sesame Street Concert on Post as Part of the Talk, Listen, Learn Program. We inches our way through the snow (yes, snow in October) and had a good time. Logan enjoyed it more than Emma because Emma was hungry since she did not eat all her dinner.
We have about 2 or 3 inches of snow around here. It is truly beautiful just not what I want yet. Emma wants to get her shovel and move the snow off the grass??? Matt said he will start up the snow thrower in the morning. I kinda hope we have a late start to the day. I have a meeting on post at 9:30 AM:/
Tomorrow is Logan's 1st Birthday!! (where did the year go?)Not sure what we will do yet. I am thinking maybe we will head to Friendly's and treat him to a ice cream Sundae. He is having a little party this next Sunday.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

It was a great weekend!!

We have had another great couple of days. It is so nice to have Matt home with nothing really concrete to do. Usually when he takes leave we go somewhere or have someone here. We have been able to sleep in, do special things with the kids, and have much needed time to ourselves.

The weekend started with a in home photo session with a lady from Fort Drum. Unfortunately, it was raining outside so we were not able to get any outdoor photos. She was able to get a few inside. Logan would not cooperate and I was not prepared with special props. She usually only does outside stuff so she has nothing but a black background. We will hope to get some outdoor photos done in the weeks to come. After pictures Logan and I took a nap together and Matt got misc. stuff done around the house. After the kids went to bed for the night Matt and I ate dinner in front of the TV (a real treat:)) and enjoyed a few drinks.

After church today we went to the Zoo boo at our local Zoo. Emma is a pink unicorn and Logan is a scarecrow. They had a really nice set-up. They had a scavenger hunt at different points around the zoo complete with candy stops. Emma had a blast and Logan enjoyed riding in the wagon holding onto his pumpkin. The only crappy thing that happened was I hurt my back somehow getting Emma out of her costume in the Jeep. I am going to sit on the heating pad and hope it goes away. I have plans to finally meet up with a friend at the gym tomorrow afternoon. Please pray a good night rest with ease the muscle.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Playing with My Blog

I am continuing to learn more about this bloggy thing. I found a website that I could download a background (I found it on another blogger's page) and I have uploaded a few pictures from our past. What fun!!

We had another WONDERFUL day today. I know we will have many many more days with Daddy before he heads out but I am making each day special all on it's own. Today Matt and I took Logan to Day care and than headed out to Breakfast. We went to the Golden Unicorn. Their speciality is pancakes the size of hub cabs:) Yummy!! After Emma got home from school we carved our pumpkins, Emma had a blast watching Mommy and Daddy have so much fun. Emma and I than went and shopped at the local Dollar Stores and than came home in time for her to paint her little pumpkin purple!!

After Daddy picked Logan up from Day Care Logan came home for a nap while Daddy got to work in the mud room. He got ALOT accomplished today. He replaced 2 small windows and caulked them. He laid the new carpet AND put in the base boards.

When Logan got up we went out back and played and played. The kids were too cute. Logan insisted on swinging with the broom handle in his hand and Emma felt it was necessary to wear a hat and "globes" in the 48 degree whether.

So here I am tonight. Matt is finishing up with the mud room and I am sitting here feeling so so blessed. So blessed to have a beautiful family and awesome husband. The house of my dreams and the job of my dreams (for right now)!! Life could not be better!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Logan's 1st Haircut

The time finally came where I gave up and decided to get Logan's haircut. I had known for awhile that it needed to be done but knew as soon as it happened he would lose the "baby" look.

So we took him to this adorable little kids salon in Watertown. First Emma jumped in the Jeep and had her bangs cut and than we put Logan in the little yellow car. He totally was diggin it. He really never got upset. As soon as he did start to get a little uneasy the hair stylist took out the bubbles. Oh, he was in heaven. He thought that was the coolist thing. This hair stylist (the owner) was so cool too, she totally took her time and made him feel very comfortable. In the end he did great and I am super thrilled with the results.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

It has been a busy but yet wonderful last couple of days. Matt is on his last long vacation time before he deploys in January. We are really taken it easy and spending a lot of fun quality time with the kids. I will try to update my posts over the next couple of days.

Last Saturday we made it out to the pumpkin patch. Emma had a blast walking through the huge patch trying to pick up every pumpkin and proudly say here is our pumpkin. In the end we picked out 2 large pumpkins and 2 small ones.

Last night Emma helped me scoop all the seeds and pumpkin guts out so we could get them ready to carve. Emma did such a great job. She "degutted" almost an entire pumpkin before she asked to do something else. She than sat at the counter separating the seeds from the pumpkin guts. She loves to say "I am such a good helper"

More pics to come once we actually carve them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Start of a Great Day

It is 6:45 AM, I am done with my workout and it is still quite in the house. This NEVER happens. It is so nice to sit at the computer with my first cup of coffee and veg before the crazy hectic day starts.

The Weekend flew by. Sunday we did not do a whole lot or at least I did not. Matt was busy in the yard and such. I was busy with the kids and organizing a little. Saturday and Sunday are still a bit of a blur because I was so exhausted from my trip still.

Monday was a great day. Matt headed out early to hunt and than was home in time so I could take Emma to the dentist for a second opinion on her cavities. The new dentist wants to only fill one for right now. Matt will take her next week, I don't think I can handle hearing her get upset at the beginning. My awesome husband than took both kids to Walmart and Home Depot so I could head home and get FRG stuff together for our meeting tonight. It was so nice to have the house to myself for a couple hours. After I prepared Dinner, Emma and I made play dough for her class, she LOVES to cook. Emma and I also had MOPS last night, it was enjoyable. Emma loves playing with all the kids and I enjoy the company of other moms.

Today is another jam packed day but it will be good. Today I am going to my first play date with the MOMS club. I have meant to do this for so long and I am excited to finally be doing it. The group has a few members that live her in Carthage and even have a few play groups that meet here. After the play date it will be time to prepare for the FRG Meeting tonight. As we prepare for our next deployment there is TONS of stuff to discuss and get in place.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday at the Orchard

Today we got up with just enough time to go by the Orchard on our way to take Gramie to the Airport. We had a blast watching Emma run through the corn maze and slide down the inflatable slide. Logan really wanted to join in, he sat in the back pack kicking and verbally expressing his frustrations. We each picked up a treat to enjoy on our way to the airport. Emma and Logan enjoyed their donut while I enjoyed my Caramel Apple. After the kids were done with their treat Gramie started to eat her Caramel Apple only to discover Emma also loves caramel and enjoyed taking HUGE bites whenever she wanted.

Matt, I , and the kids enjoyed the afternoon and evening here at home. Matt got the pool closed and the cover securely on while the kids and I played on the swing set and in the yard. After the kids ate and had baths we all sat down to watch the new show Kids by the Dozen on TLC. 13 kids and one on the way- CRAZY!!!! While Matt ran up to get us Chinese for dinner I got the kids in bed so Matt and I could enjoy take out on the couch and a movie.

Catching Up

It has been a busy couple of days. Where to begin....

On Wednesday was our final day at the Conference, it was the best part of the conference too. After lunch and final packing the 10th Mountain Ladies headed to the DC Airport. All was well until we arrive at JFK, we were delayed 6 hours!!! We finally arrived in Syracuse at 4 AM. Needless to say when Emma and Gramie woke me at 7:30 AM I asked for another hour of sleep.

Thursday is pretty foggy. I did get up around 8:30 AM and hung out with Logan and Gramie. Emma and I enjoyed a little cuddle time and lunch after school before we all headed to Watertown to do all of our errands. As the night was winding down I feel asleep on the couch watching TV with Logan shortly after 6 PM. It was a early night for me.

But by Friday at 7 AM I was up and ready to go. Knowing it was our last full day with Gramie we planned a special little day. After school we started at the farmer's market so Emma could get her traditional Farmer's Day Market flower cookie. We than headed to the zoo. What fun!!! Daddy surprised us and was home when we got home around 4 PM. We had a nice barbecue and movie with Gramie. As normal I pooped out around 9 or so.

Pretty boring details I know, I hope to find some motivation for excitement soon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2nd Full Day in DC

This is just a quicky little note to say that I have had a great day. I have taken in so much information it is unreal. I will have to look over the 15 pages of notes and 3 bags of information they have unloaded on us.

I am off to the North Country AUSA Chapter Reception tonight with a couple of the other Fort Drum Ladies. I will post again on Thursday or Friday after I get home and have seen my babies.

Monday, October 6, 2008

1st Full Day at the AUSA FRG Symposium

Today was a fun filled busy day. It all started when I woke up at 6:04 AM, why?? I did not have to wake up until 6:45 AM. So I got up and jumped on the treadmill for a quick little run. After a quick bagel and shower I met up with the group and headed to the forum.

I am so totally excited that I ran into our old Battalion Commander and his wife from Germany. I learned so much from this lady. Well, I kept running into her all day long. I hope we get a chance to have lunch tomorrow.

After the opening emotional powerful ceremony we were able to look at TONS of exhibits. Lots of the new army stuff and exhibits set up for the FRG leaders with all the new and cool stuff being offered to our military families.

The afternoon session was equally awesome. After hearing General Casey and his spouse speak it left me very motivated and excited for all that is to come. We had a few more speakers and there were dismissed early. I will plan on writing a little more in a day or two about some topics.

I came back to the hotel and talked with Matt and Lori and my little Princess. Emma was very excited to talk with me but when I called Daddy had just walked in, Dinner was on the table, and Emma was on the phone. A lot was going on.

I met a couple of the gals and we headed to dinner and than dessert and coffee at another restaurant. I know these gals from PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) so we had a lot of fun talking about stuff.

It is super late and I really need to get to bed. I will write more tomorrow.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I will try not to use "Army Language" I am sorry:) We use acronyms all the time and I don't even realize when I am using one

FRG stand for Family Readiness Group

AUSA stands for Association of the Unites States Army

MTN stands for Mountain

Desperate Housewives and Wine

Here I sit at a beautiful hotel in a awesome room all by myself watching Desperate Housewife's, eating pistachios, drinking red wine, and cruisin online. Life is good. There is only one important person missing and that is not the kids. Matt keeps saying thinking like you are on vacation why are you doing this and that. It is not really a vacation when your best friend is not with you. Yes, I have hardly been gone 12 hours and I really miss my hubby and kids.

It has been a long day. I was up at 5:30 AM to be on Post by 7:00 AM . We landed here in DC and had a couple hours to ourselves. I sat and read 1/2 of a really really good book. The Shack by William Young. After our opening ceremony I walked with another lady to get our metro ticket and than back to the hotel. I bought my pistachios and glass of wine and headed up to my room. Here it is 9:45 PM and I am in this comfy comfy bed and ready to fall asleep.

Tomorrow is another early morning and long day at the convention center. We get done by 4:30 PM and I am not really sure what I want to do. I really want to come back and get my clothes and head back to "The Mall" area and go for a run but I am thinking it may not be the safest best idea. So most likely I will head back here to the gym for my run and a Pilate's DVD before I head out to dinner with some of the ladies. We will see. Off to dreamland I am going for now!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Packed and Ready for my little trip

I am all ready to head to DC for the AUSA Conference and FRG Symposium. I am soo excited, what could be better than an all expense paid trip to DC with adults. AND one of the best parts is Gramie flew in today to watch the kids!!

So I am thinking about the free time I have while I am away and what I want to do?? On the first full day I get done at 4:30 PM, what is a girl to do in the heart of DC with a beautiful hotel room all to myself. I tell ya, I am gonna run. I am going to plan on going back to the hotel to change and get my running bag and head back to the metro to get back to "The Mall" and go for a nice run. What could be better?? I am in dream land thinking how great this will be to not worry about who will be watching the kids during my little trip.

The first night is the opening and will conclude with enough time to go back to the room and get ready for bed. Or at least that is my plan at 7:30 PM :)

My second night of freedom will be spent doing something I love (exercise) and than either dinner with a couple of the other gals from the trip or maybe I will splurge and order room service and a movie.

The last night there the conference runs until dinner time and than we (10th MTN Division Reps) are invited to a couple reception/cocktail parties immediately after the end of the session. It will be a late night but full of great opportunities to meet new people and wonderful conversations.

The last day we finish in the morning and than head back to the airport for an evening flight.

I am so excited and extremely blessed to have been given this opportunity. God is so good to me!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Zucchini Bread

Tonight I will be up ALL night baking bread!! This last spring I decided I would try my luck at gardening and planting 2 zucchini and 2 yellow squash plants. They both did great. We have had squash growing out of our ears. We started just steaming it with EVERY meal and than we went to just snacking on it raw and than I forgot about it. Yesterday I remembered I had 4 very very large zucchini's still left so I thought??? I will make bread for all my FRG Leader friends. Wonderful idea yes, crazy idea-Yes. I have made 2 trips to the store for more oil, eggs, flour, and sugar. When I ran out of vanilla I said this is enough. I am at the end of the 5th batch of bread and have another 2 hours of baking left. But I know it will be yummy.

We had a great day at home today. I had a new friend over with her 17 month old and it was great just to sit back and enjoy. I rarely actually sit when I have friends over but with the little ones it was easier to stay in the living room than open up the gate to the kitchen. After sitting for 2 hours talking I was eager to get up and start grating the zucchini but I stayed down and in the end really enjoyed myself.