Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Tree Day

Yesterday we set out to the Tree Farm to find, cut, and drag our tree back to the Jeep. I have always enjoyed this and am always excited to go. This year Emma is sooo into Christmas and Santa and she kept saying "It's Christmas Day". On our way back home we stopped at the grocery store and Emma came in with us announcing to everyone that passed that is was "Christmas Day". It was too sweet but I did stop and let her know it was actually Christmas Tree Day and so she went along announcing to the customers at the P & C it was Christmas Tree Day.

Yesterday we drug out all Christmas decoration and got started a little bit. Matt put up the lighted Candy Canes and Tree nets while I put up my Santa collection and a few misc. wall hangings. It was the big Oregon VS Oregon State Civil War game so neither of us really wanted to get to much into the decorating thing. We will do that today and I will post a couple pictures tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


While a physical kiss will not last 12 months the endless pictures that we have will last me 12 months of memories.

I am so stoked to know our photos with Bugaboo are ALMOST complete. There are over 76 fun cool pictures that I will have planted through out the entire house. We did 2 photo shoots, 1 inside and 1 outside in the snow. Once I get rights to the pictures I will slowly post my favorites.

Tonight, Matt and I are taking it easy enjoying the night. Actually.. I am upstairs on the laptop and he is watching TV downstairs. We packed up the Jeep tonight. 2 joggers, a bag for each of us, a pumpkin pie, beer bread, and drinks. We are ready for our 5K in the foot of snow and then onto Thanksgiving with with Sunderman's, Horrigan's, Adlers, and another couple.

We have so much to be thankful this year. Not only were we together but we had great health (and our families too) . The kids are happy energetic bundles of energy, and we have continued to learn positive things about each other. The next year may have it's trials but I will hold onto these memories until our next Thanksgiving together.

My love, prayers, and support go out to all my dear friends and family.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A nice easy night

This does not happen all that much, nice easy night's that is. Usually I am busy doing something or other. Tonight Matt and I are watch DVR and enjoying QUIET!!!!

It has been a very low key yet busy couple of days. I look forward to the next couple of days and the weekend. We don't have anything major on our calender except spending quality time together.

We will start Thanksgiving morning by doing a 5K in Watertown with another family and friend. It will be a chilly 3.1 miles (35 is the high) but we will bundle the kids and head out as a fam. We will than head over to the Horrigan's and enjoy a day full of food and fun with the Sunderman's as well. I soo look forward to some good food and fun. AND than getting up early on Black Friday and SHOPPING.

Not much else going on in the awfully exciting life of mine. Things seem to be settling down a bit. It is the rain before the storm, I suppose. This is a horribly hard time for me right now. I will hold on and enjoy all the extra time I get with my love but I am ready for him to get this show on the road. It is high time I get Emma on a disciplined routine. Logan will be fine, we have ordered him his Daddy Doll and will get the YMCA blanket as soon as it is available.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Getting caught up

This week I have been slowly getting caught up. Slowly getting caught up with the Emails, slowly getting caught up with the misc. chores that need to be done, slowly getting caught up with the pictures that need to be organized, and slowly getting caught up with the DVR. So tonight I am watching ER and uploading new pictures on both the baby-sites and facebook.

Tomorrow we have lunch bunch with MOMS Club. Emma has soo much fun, 4 of her friends are in the club too. Logan enjoys being around anyone that he can run after. Really anything that will keep his Mommy running after him.

Logan had his Well Baby the other day. The chunk weighed in at 22 pounds 14 ounces and 30 3/4 inches long. He had his shots and blood drawn and than was a crank the rest of the day and into the rest, I soooo dislike the shots the kids have to get.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A nice quite day close to home

Today is going to be a home day for the most part. It is the only day on the Calender we do not have to leave the village.

This AM I woke up around 6 and did not have the motivation to run. What I heard was quite and thinking to myself that I have most of the day I would relax a little on the computer. I organized my photos and uploaded a few new ones so I could post. (I will update baby-sites later)

Logan has his 12 month Well Baby today. I hope he does well with the shots. Other than that all I have to do is work on the FRG newsletter and organize Emma's craft cupboard. (Everything comes pouring out every time I open it)

We had a nice weekend. On Sunday we ran errands and came home in time to feed the kids and put them right to bed. Lately, they have been going to bed between 6:30 and 7:00. And I usually have to wake Emma at 7 for school. So we may be changing her bed time. Logan usually is up a little before 7. I have just a few more minute this AM and think I will Facebook:)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Where did the Week Go

I am not really sure what we did all week, seems to have gone by in a blur. So I will just do a week long run down. We had a good long weekend this last weekend. It was full of birthday parties and even some down time.

This week Emma and I got a day all to ourselves. I took Logan to Day Care first thing and than headed to Emma's school. It was so fun to be in the room and watch her. First the teacher had me sit in the reading area and read to the kids and than I got to step back and watch Emma interact with the other kids while she was supposed to be listening to the story. The teacher than asked me to be a customer in the restaurant and let the kids play around me. The kids served me food, waited on me, prepared by bill, and gave me play money. I really had a blast. Emma and I met up with another friend at McDonald's for some play and food. Emma and I finished our Day at Sam's Club. I have definitely decided I need to do more of these special one on one days.

Today Logan is being a bit of a pill. We went to Hannaford for a Grocery Store Tour with the Mom's Club. It was super cute and super fun. Emma has 3 kids from Pre-K that were there so she had a really good time. Logan was grumpy in the stroller but that is not out of the norm for now.

Logan is currently cutting too many teeth for me to count. I think he has 3 of his 12 month molars and is working on the teeth next to those. He is a BEAR!!

Matt and I are getting ready to head to the Hunting reception on post. The last 2 days have been post wide hunting here and at the end they celebrate with some food and drinks. Along with some nice door prizes. Another fun filled busy weekend awaits us:)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Weekend is Here!!

This has been a crappy week!!! Not only did I have the FRG Drama to deal with but I had/have a horrible head cold. I spent the entire day on Wednesday hanging out and laying around because I had a horrible head ache and I could hardly talk my nose was so stuffed up. Thursday ended up being the same. We stayed in our jammies most of the day as I FINALLY got caught up on FRG stuff. Yesterday was a day out and about once again doing FRG stuff.

So Today starts a great day. Once again I spent most of the morning doing FRG stuff but it feels good to have been so productive and caught up. This afternoon we are waiting for Logan to wake up so we can go to our friend's kids birthday parties. It should be a nice day.

All in all, all is well. I am still not sure how I feel about the FRG mess/drama that was created by me on Tuesday but when it comes down to it it is really all about communication. I learned a little more about myself that night and the next day. I learned I need to ask for help, especially when my kids need my attention. Yesterday I learned I have an awesome Support Network in my companies FRG. We have awesome volunteers and it feels good to know I know longer have to take on all the responsibilities myself. Now, I just need to learn how to let go and not fret about it. Communication is really key. Not only in my professional responsibilities but in my personal ones as well.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Tonight my emotions got the best of me. I was given yet another task to add to my already full plate. All had to be completed at that minute in time, or at least that is what I told myself.

I have been a volunteer with my FRG for over 14 months now. I feel like I know what works and what does not work so well. I have been around long enough to know what is right and what is not. After voicing my opinion about the issue with our FRG I continue to feel horrible and really confused. I am wondering if maybe this is not the place to be right now.

The FRG has always had a very negative vibe. It has been known to be a total gossipy negative atmosphere. It has taken A LOT to get people back into it and get them to realize that it is a place for information and support. I have always been one to tell the ladies all my stories about all the support I have been given and how many great friends I have met.

I am heart broken tonight. I hate feeling the way I do about something I am so passionate about. But I now have that bad negative taste in my mouth about the FRG. I should not be around people that need that positive encouraging person. Right now that is not me. I hate that!!

So as I sit here and type because I really need to talk but my nose is too stuffy to talk I and filling pity for myself. What am I to do. What I need is prayers. I need prayers that God will continue to guide me in the direction he wants me to be. Is this a sign that this too is too much for me? I pray that my GOD will show me my way (and clear my stuffy nose so I can talk)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I dislike it when time changes

So it was a little before 6 AM when I heard a crash in Emma's room. Matt had headed out early to go goose hunting so I just laid there thinking "please don't wake Logan" Of course, it did. So I get up to go to Emma's room to investigate and she informs me it was "her boys" that made the big crash of who know's what. I smiled and went to go get Logan.

Emma's imagination is something else. On Friday when she got off the school bus and we started to get ready for our 2nd photo shoot she told me "Ms. Sandra" would be joining us for pictures. She told me "Ms Sandra was 10 years old and is sitting on the ottoman". Again, I just smiled and shook my head. Unfortunately, "Ms. Sandra was taking a nap when we took our pictures" Too freakin cute!!

This morning the kids are I our off to church and than will come home to get ready for Logan's 1st Birthday Party. The birthday boy is currently tearing through the house hitting and throwing everything he can get his hands on. The boy is a little turkey who will probably destroy everything we own. He is so rough, Emma was never this way. People said boys were different, I never thought they would be this different.