Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our beautiful but not real Christmas Tree

We are very lucky to have 2 Christmas tree's this year. (Well 3) 2 years ago we purchased Emma a 4 foot tree that we put in our TV/play area upstairs. And we also purchased a fake tree for me to use when Matt is not around to do the heavy lifting of a real tree. Since Matt is home this year and we have a huge dining room I requested we set the fake one up with all the extra bulbs we never use. I love having a tree so close to my kitchen. I have really enjoyed the lights.

Emma is a bike rider

Emma is now a bike rider. After a little encouragement she got it. We are so proud of her

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This year for Thanksgiving we are very Blessed to be back with our Georgia family. It really felt great to be part of a family gathering. We started the night before Thanksgiving seeing Michelle's brother, JR. We all went out to a big Mexican dinner. This family means so much to me and it was so much fun to be included with Michelle and her family. On Thanksgiving we started early with 10 AM Mimosa's and appetizer's before we indulged in a 12noon deep fried turkey and ham lunch. It was another great afternoon that ended with Matt and I enjoying great conversation with JR and his wife. The weekend did not end there, the last of the festivities included a little football celebration that of course, included lots of FOOD:)
While we always miss our West coast families, I feel so lucky to have Michelle in my life. She has always included me with her family. Being away from our family is so hard!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Emma's bedroom furniture

The furniture shopping began with Emma's room. Emma picked out a full size bed with a trundle and a dresser with a vanity. I love it. When then headed to Target and she picked out the adorable yet bright pink comforter and zebra sheets! She loves her new room and is enjoying all the space of her bed.
The benefit to this is we not have room for company!!

Logan's new bed room furniture

We were able to get Logan new bedroom furniture and were very excited when we found this bunk bed set that had everything we wanted. On one side there is a desk and on the other side is shelves. We have not put a mattress on top yet but will soon enough. Logan really does like his new bed and is very comfortable in it at night.

Thanksgiving Crafts

Today we enjoyed doing a few Thanksgiving crafts. The first craft we did the kids took foam shaped leaves and wrote things they were thankful for and than I glued them to the foam tree. Emma than decorated a corn cob foam shape with buttons and we placed in in the dinner room. Logan made a place mat. If you look closely all the people have pumpkins on their faces. His reasoning for this was all the people wanted to eat pumpkins and then they were hiding:) Emma finished the last craft with stickers of a turkey.

Thanksgiving with the 3 year old part 1

Logan's 3 year old Pre-School class put on a Thanksgiving program and dinner. Below is a picture of Logan with his teacher, Ina. The kids decorated shirts and sang 2 songs for us, it was all too cute. Than we had a huge feast a turkey, ham, and all the fixings.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Inagural Soldier Marathon

This year Fort Benning and Columbus Georgia organized the first ever Soldier Marathon that ran through Fort Benning and along the beautiful River Walk. Matt jumped all over the chance to participate in the first ever Marathon and I was very anxious to accomplish my first half marathon. The event was great. It was not only organized well but we both completed within our goals and had a relatively good time. I finished in 2 hour 17 minutes and Matt finished 26.1 in 3 hours 53 minutes.

(Now a day later--- we are a little sore and tired BUT we are already looking forward to the INAUGURAL Darby Ranger Run in February)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rainy Day Gear

Here in Georgia we have many rainy dreary morning that usually don't last long. We were quick to put the kids in their new rain gear to jump in puddles one early morning before school.